Hello fellow winger's and welcome to my little corner of the web. The real reason for this web site is just to collect and preserve information on the Honda GL1000 Motorcycle. Since I purchased a GL1000 in July 2005 I have come to realize how much I have missed by not having a Goldwing all these years.

I know that the GL1000 is an older bike and that information about it is slipping away. With this in mind, I wanted to start a collection of information as I find it. What I'm finding now belongs to others and I don't want to plagiarize their fine work so a lot of the site will be a growing list of links. I do plan on archiving the better information I find and if the day comes when it is no longer there, I will add it to this site. Fair notice.

There is a message center where we can share information with others. Take a look around and fell free to start a discussion or join into an existing one. The board is here for you. While the topic of this board is the GL1000, motorcycles and having a good time are what it is all about. I hope that this will be a repository of GL1000 information for a long time to come. Please join the Message Center and participate in the on-line discussions. You are required to register so that others will be able to tell who is posting. I give you my word that your information will never be disclosed, sold and I will not spam you, Period.

I receive private e-mil from quite a few of you and while I enjoy hearing from you and I would never discourage that, I have a request. Most of the messages I receive are of a general nature and others would benefit from the questions, suggestions or answers. I would like to encourage you to post messages on the message board for all to see. I check the messages often and I will reply there as well as if it were a private message. The registration is necessary to keep a handle on spam. I have no interest in using your email address for gain and I will never make it available to anyone else so please sign up and lets share our knowledge and experiences. If you have comments about the web site or a link to share, please email me at:

Send me some photos of your GL1000 and I’ll add them to the Photo Gallery. Some of you have really turned your Goldwing’s into show pieces. Here is a place to show it off.

I have added a collection of photos taken at Randakk’s First Annual GL1000 Rally, check them out and if you have photos you would like to add feel free to send them and I will be happy to add them to the collection. There will never be another First Annual, so we need to preserve them for others to view.

I've joined the Goldwing Web Ring to help you locate other web sites with similar content. Take a look around at the other Goldwing web sites by using the Web Ring links below. Don't forget to bookmark this site and others you come across that interest you. Sometimes it's hard to remember where you saw that item or information when you realize you need it. If you come across a web site that is dedicated to the GL1000 let me know about it and I will add it to the list of links I have found. That way we can all have access to a common list of links to GL1000 sites. What a deal.

Be safe out there,

Bill Shryock - Webmaster

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